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Me dedico a escribir estupideces que nacen en el corazón, mueren con las palabras y perduran en quien las deja entrar. Yo soy Teté, némesis y amante de alguien.


Evolution gone… Weird 

Click here for more information on the 5 animals and 10 more creatures that evolution went sideways on.

  1. The Marabou Stalk
  2. The Bald Uakari
  3. The Piglet squid
  4. The Variable neon slug (Most awesome name ever)
  5. The Wattle cup caterpillar


The Venus Flower Basket Euplectella aspergillum is a type of sponge that engineers its own fibre glass tube. Each tube usually homes a mating pair of bioluminescent shrimp, the pair enter when the are young and once they are large enough they are never able to leave, however their offspring are small enough to leave to seek a new tube and a mate.

These shrimp feed on the left overs of the filtering by the sponge and in return the sponge has its own cleaning service trapped within its walls- the light produced by the shrimp also attract and supply a rich food source for both. 

In japan these symbolise ”to death do us part” and are traditional as a wedding gift.


Napping eyes of the red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas)

In the day, when the frog is asleep, a gold membrane creeps over its eyes. It lets in a small amount of light, enough so that if a predator approaches, the non-poisonous frog can wake up, show its bulging red eyes and present its yellow feet in a bid to make the would-be attacker think twice.


There was a snowy owl at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Why were we not informed? via PIT on Facebook


The Butterfly Snail (Limacina helicina) is a species of predatory swimming marine snail. They are a keystone species within Arctic pelagic ecosystems and are currently under serious threat.

They are being impacted by Ocean Acidification, due to pollution the ocean waters are becoming too acidic for survival. The corrosive waters off the West Coast of the U.S are dissolving the shells of these unique creatures and inevitably killing them. The decline of these will have major flow on effects to major marine ecosystems.